In a more and more dynamic market, enterprises find themselves in a situation of great operational complexity and in the need of having to handle a large amount of information in an effective, efficient and well-timed way. Being able to make decisions rapidly requires the possibility to get all the information needed (and no more) in a short time and this is possible only when the company is equipped with an information system able to respond in real time.

Nexus develops information systems, software solutions and professional services for small, medium and large Italian companies which need more and more sophisticated and innovative instruments and competence.

The Company

The company was established in the early ‘90s in Milan by well-known professionals of the Apple operating system. Nexus S.r.l. was founded as a software developing company and today they design, implement, update and maintain custom-made information systems with high technological contents mainly based on client-server multi-platform databases.

The Mission

In Nexus we believe that the implementation of an information system is not simply the set up of an application: it means the creation of an instrument which allows the users to get information and outputs, to control, plan and manage in an integrated way all the activities and which enables the company to process a larger amount of data and information than they used in the past.

Areas of Specialization

Consultancy, design and development of highly qualified Information Systems

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