Information Systems


The development of an information system is not simply the set up of an application: it means the creation of an instrument which allows the users to get information and outputs, to control, plan and manage in an integrated way all the activities.


All the systems have a user friendly interface, they have an intuitive use and they are as independent as possible from the type of hardware on which they are installed. This means freedom of choice of the hardware, fewer problems in case of its moving to other machines and a longer lifespan of the implemented software solutions. Moreover, Nexus development instruments allow the use of a local LAN, geographic and through a browser, which allows the maximum freedom of use by the customer.

A powerful resource carefully designed to assist Models Agency organization, developed with Voilà. eCommerce site
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Component nxBancaSella
4th Dimension component for credit card payment.
Price for developers: Euro 499,00 with no platform or quantity limits.

iphone products
iPhone and iPad Products
Our Applications for iPhone and iPad.

iDigitalScout, soccer game scout with iPad
iDigitalScout let you collect with iPad
realtime statistics for the soccer teams and players.
The software was created with and for
DigitalSoccer Project,
Panini Group, leading company
in the field of collecting statistics and supplying
information services to support football organizations
and media companies.

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