The services provided by Nexus to its customers include functional and organizational advice, application-oriented consultancy, management of the information systems, prototypes of projects, software development, maintenance and assistance.



Nexus offers professional advice and services to enterprises as a partner with considerable experience in the field of Information Technology, able to interpret effectively the customer’s needs and to identify the functional requirements and the most adequate technologies for custom-made solutions to be developed.

Design and Development

Nexus design and developing staff is organized in teams able to tackle complex situations and who work for and with the customer. This close cooperation starts with the analysis of the requirements and objectives and it leads to the design of the product-service, to the implementation and activation of the technical support, up to the functional monitoring and to the maintenance.
Nexus’s most important target
in tackling a new project is the consideration of the customers’ needs, helping them implement the ideal solution. The analysis path starts with assessing the needs of all the users involved in the decisional process, from the thorough consideration to the management’s requirements to the consideration of the needs of the operating staff. The ability to realize, formalize and synthesise all of the technical requirements and the customer’s business represents a significant strength of the company.

Nexus is just the reliable partner
you need in the outline of information systems development. Working with Nexus means to avail yourself of a team of professionals with substantial ability and experience, as well as of a constantly updated knowledge of the world’s market of the latest hardware and sofware products. Their active cooperation makes it easier to identify the technologies and solutions most adequate to meet the customer’s requirements.

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