Development Instruments

Nexus boasts the development of systems and applications based on some of the most common and updated technologies, but more importantly it favours the use of high quality instruments with high performances in terms of stability and solidity, with an easy and correct maintenance by the users.

4th Dimension
Client – Server relational database available and usable on Macintosh and Windows platforms allows for the integration with WebServer and several Internet services.
In the 4d v11 SQL version there is also a native SQL engine and 64 bit database management. This and further news, technical explanations and tutorial are available on the web site: italian 4d software designers

Web Services
The Web Service technology allows the development, the implementation and the management of the new solutions which are safe and interconnected. The Nexus Web Service Server is an example which can be checked: Nexus Web Service Server

MS Access - Visual Basic
A development instrument which allows to interact with the power of SQL Server at a very low cost.

MS Sql Server
The broadly used Server SQL platform is powerful and scalable and it represents an unavoidable choice for companies which process a large amount of data and those in need of gaining access through the most common instruments.

Language of the iPhone and iPad App to create useful tools on the new Apple technologies.
• construction of utilities for your mobile
• implementation of programs for data management server via Web
• creation of interactive guides
• production of information brochures
• realization of many other custom App
Xcode is an integrated development environment developed by Apple Inc. to facilitate the development of software for Mac OS X and iPhone OS.

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